The Divided Eye

Studies in the Visual Culture of the American Civil War
Using Visual Evidence

Seeing the New York Draft Riots

One-hundred and fifty years ago today, the largest civil insurrection in U.S. history occurred in New York City. One part of my recent work involves studying how the riots were recorded and interpreted in the major pictorial news medium of the era, the weekly illustrated newspapers in the U.S. and abroad. I’ve assembled a slideshow...

Divided Eye Diary 3 – The Ups and Downs of Digitization

Divided Eye Diary 2 – Hybrids

Divided Eye Diary 1 – The Dilemma

Using The Greek Slave

Last May and June, I spent a blissful month immersed in the graphic collections of the American Antiquarian Society as a Drawn to Art Research Fellow. Guided by Curator of Graphic Arts Lauren Hewes and Center for Historic American Visual Culture Director Georgia Barnhill, and unbelievably accommodated by the wonderful reading room staff, who took...