Images from Josh Brown’s lecture, "Seeing Americans: Race, Ethnicity, and Gender in the Gilded Age Pictorial Press," Illustrating the Gilded Age: Political Cartoons and the Press in American Politics and Culture, 1877-1901, Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center, Fremont, Ohio, May 19/June 5, 2008.

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1. "Poor at Steam Grating," Harper's Weekly, 2/12/76)
2. "Restaurant on the Docks", Harper's Weekly, 10/21/1871
3. Illustrated London News (the model)
4. New York Herald
5. Illustrated American News
6. Gleason's Pictorial Drawing-Room Companion
7. Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper
8. Harper's Weekly
9. New York Illustrated News
10. National Police Gazette
11. The New York Illustrated Times (previously: The Days' Doings)
12. Special Artist in the field (Winslow Homer)
13. "Jonathan's Engraver." Wood engraving, Yankee Notions, (September 1852)
14. Composite block
15. "Appalling calamity at Johnstown, Pa., on Friday, Sept. 14th, caused by the falling of a railroad bridge crowded with the citizens of the town, during the visit of President Johnson and suite—Four persons killed and over 350 wounded." C. E. H. Bonwill, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 10/6/1866
16. "Stanton holding possession of War Office during night of 21st-22nd." Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 3/7/1868
17. Social types: Mose the Fire Laddie, Davey Crockett, Brother Jonathan
18. J. C. Nott and George R. Gliddon, Types of Mankind (1854) - Physiognomy
19. "New York City.--A hot day in Wall Street.": "At down-town Delmonico's--The successful man, the shrewd man, and the man with the iron lungs;" "The cool speculator;" "The small speculator;" "From out west, we think;" "Moses Levy's confidential clerk." Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 8/9/1873
20. "The Moral, Social, Architectural, and Business Contrasts of New York City." Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 7/14/1866
21. "The Mysteries and Miseries of New York City. Interior of Mrs. M'Mahan's apartment at No. 22 Roosevelt Street." Albert Berghaus, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 2/2/1867
22. "New York City.—Among the poor—A summer evening scene at the Five Points." Matthew Somerville Morgan, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 8/16/1873
23. "The riot on St. Patrick's Day—The attack on the police at the corner of Grand and Pitt Streets, New York City." Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, April 6, 1867
24. "St. Patrick's Day 1867—'The day we celebrate.'" Thomas Nast, Harper's Weekly, 4/6/1867
25. "The attack on the procession, on Eighth Avenue, between Twenty-fourth and Twenty-fifth Streets." Harper's Weekly, 7/29/1871
26. "New York City.—The Orange Riot of July 12th—View on Eighth Avenue looking from Twenty-fifth Street toward the Grand Opera House—Dispersal of the mob by the Ninth, Eighty-fourth and other regiments." Albert Berghaus, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 7/29/1871
27. Harper’s Weekly Orange Riot Irish
28a. Police clubbing spectators on Eighth Avenue, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper,7/29/1871.
28. "New York City.—The Orange Riot, July 12th-—Effects of the fusillade by the Eighty-fourth Regiment, on spectators and buildings.—Scene on Eighth Avenue, at the corner of Twenty-fourth Street." Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 7/29/1871
29. “Great turn out of the Apes and Orang-outangs, NY, July 12, 1871,” Irish World, 8/12/1871
30. "A Polish trading post in New York," Harper's Weekly, 5/3/1884
31. "New York City.—Russian Jews at Castle Garden—A scene in the early morning." A. B. Shults (?), Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 8/5/1882
32. "At bay: An incident of the freight-handlers' strike—Italian laborers assailed by hoodlums." A. B. Shults, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 8/5/1882
33. "Italian Street Musicians and Their Masters. New York City life.—The brutal master punishing the little slave for not earning seventy-five cents during the day with the violin." Matthew Somerville Morgan, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 3/8/1873
34. "Life sketches in the metropolis.--The homeless poor--A night scene in the female lodging-room of the Fourth Precinct station house." John N. Hyde, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 3/2/1872
35. "Graduate and student—A scene on the steps of the 'Tombs' (city prison) New York City." Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 11/14/1868
36. "Reformation of 'the Wickedest Man in New York'--The noon prayer meeting at John Allen's late dance house, Water Street, N.Y., Sept. 1st." Albert Berghaus, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 9/19/1868
37. "Sketches of life and character in a New York police-court. Her first Offense. An old Offender." Georgina A. Davis, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 8/2/1884
38. "Modern methods of intoxication.—‘A hasheesh party’ in the City of New York—Young ladies 'under the effect' of a preparation of Indian hemp," Joseph B. Beale, The Days’ Doings, 8/8/1868
39. "Running the gauntlet.--A scene in front of a popular hotel in New York City at five o'clock P.M." John N. Hyde, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 5/16/1874
40. "New York City.--Opening day at Lord & Taylor's store, Broadway and Twentieth Street--Ladies ascending the elevator." John N. Hyde, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 1/11/1873
41. "NYC.--The waiting-room in the building of the Workingwoman's Protective Union." Georgina A. Davis, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 2/5/1881
42. NYC Medical College for Women, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 4/16/1870
43. "An artist's rambles in Washington.--No. 3: The Senate lobby and the floor of the House. Female lobbyists in the Marble Room of the Senate." John N. Hyde, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 15/1884
44. "New Jersey.--The humors of the political campaign--Parade of the Belva Lockwood Club of the city of RaHarper's Weeklyay." John N. Hyde, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 11/1/1884
45. Theodore Davis, "Scene in the parlor of Mr. Barnwell's house at Beaufort, South Carolina," Harper's Weekly, 1/18/1862
46. "Assault of the Second Louisiana (Colored) Regiment on the Confederate Works at Port Hudson, May 27, 1863." Frank H. Schell, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 6/27/1863
47. Hiram Revels, Harper's Weekly, 2/19/1870
48. "'Zion' school for Colored Children, Charleston, South Carolina," Alfred R. Waud, Harper's Weekly, 12/15/1866
49. Alfred R. Waud, “The First Vote,” Harper’s Weekly, 11/16/1867
50. "The Louisiana murders--Gathering the dead and wounded," Harper's Weekly, 5/10/1873
51. "The Centennial--Visit of the 'Small Breed' family," wood engraving based on a sketch by Sol Eytinge, Harper's Weekly, 11/4/1876
52. Thomas Nast, “Colored Rule in the Reconstructed (?) State,” Harper’s Weekly, 3/14/1874
53. "I Wonder How Harper's Artist Likes To Be Offensively Caricatured Himself?" lithograph by Theodore Wust, New York Daily Graphic, 3/11/1874
54. "Philadelphia, Pa.—The Centennial Exposition—The statue of 'The Freed Slave' in Memorial Hall." Fernando Miranda, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 85/1876
55. "Missouri.—Remarkable exodus of Negroes from Louisiana and Mississippi--Incidents of the arrival, support and departure of the refugees at St. Louis. 1. Procession of refugees from the steamboat landing to the colored churches" Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 4/19/1879
56. Henry Jackson Lewis self-portrait in the offices of The Freeman in Indianapolis, c. 1890, pen and ink drawing
57. “Massacre of the Chinese at Rock Springs, Wyoming,” Harper's Weekly, September 26, 1885 [T. de Thulstrup from photos by 7th US Infantry]
58. San Francisco Wasp, 12/8/1877